Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Orion London new website!!

Here we are!
This is our brand new website!

We are extremely excited to show you this new website because it is now packed with all that you need to keep yourself up to date with what is happening at Orion London and the fashion world.
Let us sweep you off your feet with our collection, which has been expanded to give you more choices and revamp your wardrobe.
There is an addition of the “Style Advisor” department which wasn’t available to you from our previous website. Therefore take full advantage of our “Stylist” department, which will show you how best to make the most of your purchases from Orion London; creating fabulous looks ready for those numerous events your diary is booked with.
The new splash of colour makes the website fun and all the available links makes it So Easy for you to find exactly what you need! The “Orion Style” on the front page lets those who know exactly what style they are can find the clothing that best fits what you’re looking for, just like a mini store just for you.


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